Stepping into entrepreneurship is not for the weak... 

Entreprenuership is for the brave and since you have landed on my site, you must be someone who has the courage to level up your life and business.  You are the one I am called to. Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Quiana J and I am a Life & Brand Activation Coach helping emerging Christian entrepreneurs like you activate your dreams with client attracting online brands and wealth generating signature products and services.

 For the past 11 years, I have been helping churches and individuals with branding, but 3 years ago, I have decided to really step out in the realm of entrepreneurship to diversify myself and blend my passions of helping people discover how to monetize the gifts, talents, expertise, and/or skills they have and how to brand it beautifully into an online empire that can dominate the marketplace. 

 Having $3,000+ a month added to my household while working a 9-5 is a true testament to what you can do and how God can use what you have. Activating your dream, designing your brand, and making you money is my mission. All of this can be done easily with a client-attracting online brand.

 Listen, my Christian sisters and brothers: God did not create a chair. He created mankind, put them in a garden and gave us trees. He commanded us to be fruitful and to multiply with existing resources. He gave us the power to create and the power to get wealth. All of this has been given to you. You must think BIG enough and know that you can create the chair, the desk, and the office space. You feel meh? What are you going to do with that power?

I challenge you to connect with me through one of my programs and I guarantee you will never be the same.

 I have created 3 transformational experiences just for you. Level 1 is BrandActivate™ which is for those who want actionable steps on how to turn their brilliance into a brand and need help with constructing the blueprint of their business. Level 2 is BrandCreate™ which is for those who are ready to dominate the online market with attractive visuals for online (and print), and Level 3 is BrandDominate™ which is for those who want to scale up their business with digital product creation, effective marketing, and strategic automation systems.


Level 1
Brand Activate

ac·ti·vate | /ˈaktəˌvāt/

To set in motion; to initiate and make something active and operative.

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Level 2
Brand Create

cre·ate | krēˈāt/

To fashion, build, and construct something into existence.

Model Bride in the studio sitting on a chair in the sunshine.

Level 3
Brand Dominate

dom·i·nate | ˈdäməˌnāt/

To have influence by expansion; to govern and have mastery over.