I believe everything was created to go through a process and being in the coaching industry, I have learned that people need information in bite-size pieces. Many of you want to embark on becoming an entrepreneur. All you have in mind are ideas but building a business is a process that takes patience and determined work in order to get your brand online and to market it well.


As you can see, building a business has so many pieces and I am here to take you through the foundations of building an online brand. I want to help you build a strong skeleton so that when you are ready to move to Level 2, you will be completely and passionately ready.

 You have to think strategically about your brand's name, its' mission, its' theme, the fonts to use, the color palette, the products you want to sell, how to place yourself in your industry as an expert, how to price yourself, getting your legal affairs in order, and more.

And what if you didn't know that it requires so much forethought?
You simply set yourself up for failure.

So why not connect with someone who can take you through the process and not only break down all the steps into smaller pieces over a 3 month time frame, but also show you the ropes on how to navigate the online marketplace? 

I invested thousands of dollars in a business coach (and much more in workshops, programs, and classes) and it has propelled me to the place I am in now - making more money monthly than my own 9 to 5.

The price of this program is only a tithe of what I had to pay out for my very own first business coach; so the summation of the knowledge that I share in this program with you is loaded and invaluable.

Think of it this way...you pay ONE price for knowledge that serves you for life! 

Let me introduce you to BrandActivateᵀᴹ - my 3 month private, group coaching program where I take only 10 qualified candidates like you at a time and walk you through my 6 Step System that formulates a solid blueprint for a successful online brand. It includes online meetings via Facebook Live twice  a month, implementation work, Q&A sessions, and more.

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What We Will Cover:

Step 1 : Your Purpose - Discovering Your Personal Mission in Life
Step 2 : Your People - Knowing Who You Are Called to (Target Audience)
Step 3 : Your Possessions - What gifts/talents/skills/expertise Do You Have?
Step 4 : Your Platform - Define & Layout the Dynamics of Your Brand
Step 5 : Your Products - Develop Products, Your USP, Brand Story, & Pricing
Step 6 : Your Power -  How Will You Dominate the Market?

I will give you the right business tools for each individual business that will make it a seamless machine, the legal stuff you should have in check, business goals that you should strive for, and how to market online.

Business people

This program is for Christians who:

  • Want to brand themselves and dominate the marketplace as a thought leader, minister, teacher, dancer, artist, designer, or some other form of creative who can deliver their talent/gifts/expertise/skills as a service to customers

  • Know they have been called to entrepreneurship, specifically in the online, service-based market

  • Are tired of DIYing it themselves and want to make real progress in business

  • Comprehend the power of mentorship and how it can shorten their learning curve

  • Are ready to level up their life, serve their audience, and create wealth

This program was not created for those whose focus is to build a multi-level marketing business or an e-commerce based business although the concepts covered could be very useful. If you have questions about this, email or contact me and let's chat about if this program is a good fit for you.

You will receive:


  • Access to the private Facebook Group where all implementation worksheets will be posted biweekly

  • 3 x :30 Skype Sessions to use one per month 

  • Email Access for Questions and Feedback

  • Biweekly Facebook Live Discussions 

  • Support from others in the class with you

  • Quick Tip Videos to assist through techy stuff

  • A special gift mailed directly to you*

Total value of 3 Brand Strategy Sessions are $486.00 but are FREE inside this program. It is totally worth it.

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