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Do you need brand strategy or your brand styled, refreshed, or audited? Do you need something custom like a website, logo, print collateral, or social media templates for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Are you ready to scale your product portfolio and tap into creating attractive and profitable digital courses? Or do you need sales funnel and email automation direction, design, and setup?

Hi! My name is Quiana J and I can help you activate your dream, design your brand, and make you money. I am a Life & Brand Activation Coach helping emerging Christian entrepreneurs like you LAUNCH + SCALE bold, client-attracting online personal brands with wealth-generating signature products and services so that you can live life on your terms.

Listen up. Before you market it, you must brand it and WOW your customer's with a memorable, first impression - and this is my superpower!
Branding is the culmination of your visual appearance (how aesthetically attractive your brand looks), your customer's experience (how they interact with and move through your processes), and your product's deliverance (how your product solves your customer's problem). Designing an attractive brand that caters to your target audience is one of the single-most ways to being a profitable business.

If you are tired of DIYing it and you want to connect with someone who cares deeply about you and your business and will help you strategize/design a results-driven brand, then I am your girl. Take your brand from blah to brilliant and take action now. Every month, I only hold TWO spots, so if you are ready, choose your destination below and get on my calendar today! 


Brand Activate

ac·ti·vate | /ˈaktəˌvāt/

To set in motion; to initiate and make something active and operative.

LEVEL 1 - BrandActivate
Do you feel that you are called to entrepreneurship and desire to learn how to turn your skills, expertise, and/or talents into a brand but lack the know-how? Let me help you construct the blueprint of your brand today.

A professional camera lies on a marble table

Brand Create

cre·ate | krēˈāt/

To fashion, build, and construct something into existence.

LEVEL 2 - BrandCreate™
Are you an existing business owner who wants to take your brand’s overall aesthetic to the next level with attractive visuals for online and/or print? Or do you need a complete re-brand overhaul and need brand direction? 

Always wear your invisible crown

Brand Dominate

dom·i·nate | ˈdäməˌnāt/

To have influence by expansion; to govern and have mastery over.

LEVEL 3 - BrandDominate™
It's time to dominate the online market and find ways to expand and diversify your business with digital products and services, social media marketing, as well as discovering new ways to systematize and automate your business.