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Do you feel you have something distinct to offer this world + want to take who you are, what you know, + the gifts you have + discover a way to monetize it and turn it into a profitable Luxe Online Brand?

Are you a designer, creator, minister, dancer, stylist, author, chef, coach, speaker, thought leader, blogger, mentor, tutor, virtual assistant, service assistant, strategist, event planner, wedding coordinator, educator, interior designer, artist, counselor, or any other brilliant woman with a creative gift who wants to create signature packages, programs, and/or service offerings or have digital + physical products?

Are you someone who is ready to breakthrough limiting beliefs that has hindered you from rising up in your God-Given Intelligent Design(TM) and ready to truly walk into your future that creates freedom, fulfillment, and financial increase?

If you have answered YES to all three questions above, then you are in the right place.

I specialize in helping women breakthrough and break forth creating online brands that is centered around the core of who they are and their faith through my signature programs and transformational events.

If you are ready to create wealth through personally branding yourself, then I invite you to learn more about me, connect with me, follow me, and work with me.

What I Specialize In

I teach you specific biblical principles that will breakdown limiting beliefs and strongholds that has been hindering you from rising up in your God-Given Intelligent Design™ and how to walk in your financial destiny through wealth creation.

I walk you step by step taking all of who you are, what you know, and the God-given gifts you have and packaging it into a sustainable + profitable business model. I can also help you develop signature programs and services and any supplemental product or material to accommodate your programs and services such as curriculums, workbooks, worksheets, lead magnets, and more.

I help you strategize on how to create a visual brand that is authentic, attractive, and actionable covering Brand Essentials, brand colors, typography, style, mood, marketing strategies, lead magnets, sales funnels, email automation, and more. I also share key business systems and tools I use that are affordable and easy to use. 


Instead of you trying to figure out how to develop a Luxe Brand and bring all of your brand elements together, I personally create websites, logos, e-books, workbooks, social media banners, lead magnets, email banners and layout, mood board, style guides, and more.

Who I Serve Best

+ Women who aspire to package who they are, what they know, and the gifts they have into a personal brand that stands out significantly different in the marketplace reflective of their Christian beliefs.

+ Women who have a gist of their calling in life and the solutions they carry.

+ Women who may have problems overcoming limiting beliefs that hinder them from stepping out BUT are ready to BREAKTHROUGH + RISE UP.

+ Women who want to change their lifestyle and is passionate about doing something meaningful serving their ideal audience but don't know quite how to do that and make money too.

+ Women who aspire to show up and play a bigger game in life and are serious action takers.

+ Women who are looking to package the collection of their gifts and experiences, to receive actionable steps on how to monetize their passion, to systematize their ideas into a profitable business, and to create an attractive and profitable Brand.

+ Women who are not scared to take a risk and comprehends the power of investment, the power of impartation, the power of accountability, and the power of mentorship.  

+ Women who are financially stable with the capacity to make future investments in their business.

Are You the One or Shall I Look For Another?

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Clients I Have Served

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Are you an aspiring Christian woman who desires step by step guidance on how to get started on building your Online Luxe Brand that is authentic, attractive, and actionable so that you can reign in the marketplace living a purposeful + passionate life of your dreams?

In this course, you will receive step by step audio teaching and implementation work emailed to you over the next 10 days and a supplemental workbook to guide you through each step.

You will also be added to a private Facebook group and receive 1 x 45 minute coaching session with me (valued at $147.00).

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