Let me guess. 

You have officially gathered the courage to step into entrepreneurship with your brilliance and want to create an online presence that is authentic and attractive online.

Or maybe you are the one who has already launched your business and DIY'd it all by yourself but you are not producing any results. 

Listen to me. You have something distinct to offer this world. You have spent time and energy figuring out a way to deliver your gifts and monetize it. The last thing you need is a brilliant product and an online presence that speaks BLAH.

Don't misrepresent God and the Kingdom by doing average. There is help.

I have stood where you are now standing. Although, I have a background in design, I did not understand branding. Matter of fact, before I launched out into this online world three years ago, I invested thousands of dollars into coaches, classes, and courses studying the art of branding. In return, this knowledge has afforded me opportunities to serve clients in a bigger way resulting in adding thousands of dollars more in my income monthly.

It is more than just design. It is more than just a logo and it is definitely more than just having a pretty website. 

By my definition:

"Branding is the culmination of your visual appearance, your customer experience, and your product's deliverance."

 So let's work together to create an entire brand experience that will be authentic to who you are, attractive to your ideal client and customer online, and actionable enough to make you money in a seamless process.

How will we do that?

We will cover key aspects of Branding that is important no matter the industry you are in (with a touch of marketing, of course).
This includes:

  • The visual aspects of your brand (logo, website construct, lead magnet design, email marketing, social media, and importance of brand consistency)

  • Your target audience (what you want your customer's to experience when they encounter your online brand)

  • The products/services that you offer (the best and most seamless approaches to how you can deliver your products/services, business tools you should use, email automation, etc.)

In conclusion, we will bring the beauty of what you offer and the beast of branding together in a beautiful relationship.

Who I Serve Best

+ Women who aspire to package who they are, what they know, and the gifts they have into a personal brand that stands out significantly different in the marketplace reflective of their Christian beliefs.

+ Women who have a gist of their calling in life and the solutions they carry.

+ Women who may have problems overcoming limiting beliefs that hinder them from stepping out BUT are ready to BREAKTHROUGH + RISE UP.

+ Women who want to change their lifestyle and is passionate about doing something meaningful serving their ideal audience but don't know quite how to do that and make money too.

+ Women who aspire to show up and play a bigger game in life and are serious action takers.

+ Women who are looking to package the collection of their gifts and experiences, to receive actionable steps on how to monetize their passion, to systematize their ideas into a profitable business, and to create an attractive and profitable Brand.

+ Women who are not scared to take a risk and comprehends the power of investment, the power of impartation, the power of accountability, and the power of mentorship.  

+ Women who are financially stable with the capacity to make future investments in their business.

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Let's Not Waste Time!

Are you a designer, minister, dancer, stylist, author, chef, coach, speaker, thought leader, blogger, mentor, tutor, virtual assistant, service assistant, strategist, event planner, wedding coordinator, educator, interior designer, artist, counselor, or any other brilliant creativepreneur who knows what they want and who they are called to but want to create a beautiful, brilliant, and bankable brand online?

If you have answered YES and you fit the profile of who I work with best and you are in a financial place right now to invest in your branding, then get on my calendar and let's talk. Set up your :30 Style My Brand Consultation by applying now.

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