Are you ready to make 2019 EPIC by joining thousands of other Christian creatives who believe in their God-given power to get wealth and is doing it BIG launching an attractive and profitable online empire? Well, I invite you into my private coaching world called #BrandThrive - where my ultimate goal is to help you build a brand that thrives in the marketplace.

Are you an aspiring stylist, artist, teacher, innovator, blogger, or some other form of creative who have a clear, God-given idea on what you want to share with the world but is clueless on the next steps to take?

Are you ready to take your gifts, talents, and expertise and package it into marketable signature services, programs, and digital courses backed by a sales funnel that makes you money?

Are you financially ready to invest in your brand and level up your life so you can finally increase your pocket book and live a meaningful life sharing your passion with the world?

Are you ready to walk alongside someone with a proven step by step system that assists you with developing the blueprint of your business model, designing your brand that attracts ideal customers, clients, and fans, and building an automated system that helps convert leads into customers?

If something in you screamed “YESSSSSSS THIS IS ME”, then I invite you into my world!

BrandThrive™ is the perfect private coaching program where we walk together through your brand’s strategy, style, and system over multiple hot cups of cappuccino.

Phase ONE is all about STRATEGY.

We will develop a blueprint for your business to include the name, tagline, target market with an ideal client avatar, your unique selling proposition, your signature offers, courses, or programs and your pricing.

Phase TWO is all about STYLING.

We will cover all things branding and start putting some style to your business that will WOW your target audience through a brand personality assessment which will become the direction to establish the color palette, typography, logo concept, email template, social media kit, and your official brand style guide.

Phase THREE is all about SYSTEMS.

We will build out a simple lead generation system with the creation of a lead magnet (i.e. downloadable pdf/ebook), your email sequence, and your automation system.

2 x :60 Brand Strategy Skype sessions

2 x :60 Brand Style Skype sessions

1 x :60 Brand System Skype session

1 x :30 Final Brand Review Skype session

An official brand style guide

A custom, 8-page mobile-optimized Squarespace website with all the trimmings

5 x customizable social media templates made in

1 x Lead magnet design & setup with email autoresponder and email sequence funnel

Domain, email, & hosting setup

SEO setup and social media integration

2 x logo concepts to choose from
(see logo file types below)

1 x business card concept design
(front and back)

A custom video on how to maintain your site (or ask about retainer option)


Professional Brand Photos (REQUIRED)

It is tragic to style a brand with unprofessional photos. I require my clients to set up a professional photoshoot or to have professional photos taken before the release of digital collateral including the website. This helps the client’s business and it helps me as a designer to produce a quality product for my client. Because we cover the brand’s direction in phase two, I highly recommend scheduling the photoshoot after this conversation. Otherwise, wearing black and/or white attire is best. Please feel free to ask me questions about this before you shoot.

Logo File Types

Every custom logo includes a Primary Logo, a Secondary Logo, Icon/Favicon, & a Badge. Logo File types received include a PNG logo in original color on transparent background, a logo suitable for dark and light backgrounds, and a PDF high resolution file to be used for professional printers & vendors.

Pricing Exclusions

The pricing outlined in this guide does not include domain registration and hosting fees, Squarespace hosting fees, third party apps for increased functionality (i.e. booking application), etc. 
It only covers the design, the setup, and the strategy sessions. If your brand requires more than 8 pages on your website, add $15 per page to the total investment.

Need Something A La Carte?

Feel free to contact me ahead of time or bring this up in your BrandThrive Initial Consultation Session. Please note that I do not provide website development services or logo design services without brand strategy sessions. It is my priority to ensure each client is fully confident in their brand and is clear on its direction.




This comprehensive business and brand experience is complete with 6 private :60 brand sessions, brand design direction, website development, a logo with all its variations, a business card design, a lead magnet, email setup, social media templates, and an automated sales funnel machine PLUS business and branding knowledge that you will never forget.

This one time investment grants you knowledge that is yours forever.

Let’s see if we are a good fit together!
Before you make a strong commitment to the process, let’s get to know each other. I am sure you have questions or maybe you need to ensure your business idea is going to work. Apply now for a :30 minute BrandThrive(TM) Initial Consultation and discuss your business and branding needs for only $97.